No-Pay Model

Proactive pen testing with focus on high impact vulnerabilities

Join Nordic’s Novel Crowdsourced Security Platform


SecureBug provides crowdsourced security solutions, including offensive and defensive strategies, to protect its clients against any cyber threats.

Here we offer creative bug bounty and penetration testing approaches that go beyond standard scanning to uncover security vulnerabilities that others miss. Get started with an innovative penetration testing company and see the difference.

Let our international, top-notch ethical hackers assess the cyber security of your company!

Reach a comprehensive assessment on your platform, service, or website through a crowdsourced bug bounty and Next-Generation Penetration Test program. See the best results with minimum cost, and have every aspect of your business’s cybersecurity safely covered. Connect to an army of ethical white-hat hackers and bug hunters from different parts of the globe as your cybersecurity experts to efficiently improve your cybersecurity.

We love and know what we do

SecureBug’s crowdsourcing platform helps you assess your security team’s ability to detect and respond to an active attack scenario.

Right Skills All The Time

Our Advanced skills assessment connect the right security skills to the right project

Crowdsourced Security Testing

Global crowdsourced hunters to stay a step ahead of your cyber war

24-7-365 Surfaces Cover

Non-stop visibility into testing activity through the SecureBug platform

Real-Time Visibility

Track progress through all phases of a pen test. Real-time visibility into testing activity through the SecureBug platform

10x Higher Quality Results

Audit-quality and customizable reports from a hacker’s perspective

Most Trusted Hunters

Securebug verifies the hunters in the Nordic countries with Nordic verification systems (Mobile Bank-ID)