ROR Challenge CTF


Flag name: ROR Anticipated level: Medium Description: A super secure and state of the art new cipher!!! As a test, we have secured a flag with it, try to get the flag. How to solve it? Do reverse engineering on the given code and create a Decrypt process for Cipher. The solution of this challenge…

multi-language man

Flag name: multi-language man Anticipated level: easy Description: Nothing to say here How to solve it? Decode the following sentence based on the Russian keyboard: ыисеаХершы_шы_фадфп_ащк_адфп_дщмукыЪ The final flag: SBCTF{this_is_a_flag_for_flag_lovers}



Flag name: Bait Anticipated level: Hard Description: There is an IP Camera close to the location where the picture was taken, find the IP of that camera. Note: Please put the IP in the correct format for submission, like this: SBCTF{} How to solve it? Search through visual search history and other data that are…


Email Hunt

Flag name: Email Hunt Anticipated level: Medium Description: I want to find the PGP Public Key of someone’s ProtonMail account, but all I got is a useless document he shared with me ( sQBEFozbqhTABPIespxSBI20). Can you help me find it?   Note: Please submit the flag like this example: —–BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—– Version:…



Flag name: Discord Anticipated level: Easy Description: Find the account creation date of one of our discord channel admins (4dam). Note: Please put the date in this format YYYY/MM/DD for submission, like this: SBCTF{1970/01/01} How to solve it? To solve the challenge participants have to activate the Developer Mode of their Discord account to find…

Precious tritium Challenge

Precious tritium

Flag name: Precious tritium Anticipated level: Hard Description: I need the precious tritium kept in this safe. But I cannot find the combination. How to solve it? The program is packed by UPX and bat to exe. If you unpack the program, you would find out that you need a 10 digits code. The code…

Hidden In Plain Sight

Flag name: Hidden In Plain Sight Anticipated level: Medium Description: Can you find the flag hidden In Plain Sight? How to solve it? The challenge has given you a file with exe format. You know that exe format is optimized for running on windows. If you run the spin.exe file, you will get to this:…

HTTP Flag Challenge


Flag name: HTTP flag Anticipated level: Easy-Medium Description: If you investigate the given files properly you can find out a python code in “http-server” file. print(”.join(chr(int(‘010100110100001001000011010101000100011001111011001101110100100000110011010100110011001101011111010011010011000101010011010000110101001101011111010000010101001000110011010111110100011100110000010010010100111001000111010111110101001100110000010111110011001101000001010100110101100101111101′[i*8:i*8+8],2)) for i in range(len(‘01010011010000100100001101010100010001100111101100110111010010000011001101010011001100110101111101001101001100010101001101000011010100110101111101000001010100100011001101011111010001110011000001001001010011100100011101011111010100110011000001011111001100110100000101010011010110010111110’)//8))) Run the command to get the flag: SBCTF{7H3S3_M1SCS_AR3_G0ING_S0_3ASY}