War enc

War enc In this challenge, the message is a file that contains the cryptographic phrase and is the encrypted file. By considering the encrypted file, we realize that the cryptographic is Morse code. we write the encoder. The file name is then according to the structure of the output expression, especially SBCTF, which…



Fortune For this question, the participant must use the information inside the photo to find its location, which is “junction at north seven”. The next step is to determine the name of the company whose office is located near the coordinates and has been attacked by a famous ransomware. ( The company called EMCOR has…


The Code

The Code In this challenge, the main purpose is to analyze the frequency and repetition of the symbols in the image, due to the fact that the message is encrypted in English, we should use the frequency statistics of English words and compare it with the symbols and further examinations and tests to get the…



Records In this question, the participant is asked to find the IP in record A on the site domain which is, right after using Cloudflare. Using DNS record lookup websites, one can obtain the requested answer. As in the following image: Flag SBCTF{}



WebdriverClues The message says: “The magic of the Internet” after searching this sentence in google, we can see this website:   Imgur: The magic of the Internet   So, the attacker must have left a message here:   By visiting the link we can see a picture: Bellow this picture is some kind…


Secret Document

Secret Document After using the file command we can see the challenge file is a pcap file. We open the file using wireshark. The challenge description talks about a secret document. We can see there is some ftp data transfer: After following the stream, we can see a pdf file was transferred: Saving the raw…


Batman Safe

Batman Safe To solve this challenge, it is required to enter name and safe combination. The program flow consists of if statements. After decompiling, we can see the combination letters in clear text but we don’t know the order. The order can be found using the index of the array. After finding the correct order…


Rev Me Bro

Rev Me Bro The file determines that the software is an Android application. Decompile the APK file to get Java code. Reverse the steps and use to get the flag. Flag SBCTF{HAPPY_ANDROID_REVING_01}