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Offensive Cyber Security

Red Team & Pen Testing

Join Nordic’s number one crowdsourced platform of offensive experts and help companies and organizations identify potential security vulnerabilities that may have remained undetected in web or mobile apps, APIs, IOTs, or hardware devices.
Earn rewards for bug you hunt and submit. Our crowdsourcing platform represents a new face of cybersecurity. We utilize the collective expertise and efforts of our community to simplify and clarify the complexity of cyberthreats, which have become a worrying problem during the past few years.
We strive to create an environment with an open culture where we welcome any experts in our community to share their innovation and expertise, regardless of location, which would hopefully give everyone an equal opportunity.
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Defensive Cyber Security

Blue Team & Threat Hunting

Help companies improve their threat detection and response strategies. Earn rewards for SOC content or threat detection rule that you develop and submit.
Join our active community and work your way to the top spot in our ranking.
Get inspired by others’ work and collaborate with others to improve your threat hunting skills.
We are a vibrant startup and a dynamic company with technical skills to boast about and a passion for offensive and defensive security. We are continuously developing SecureBug’s platform, as one of the most innovative crowdsourcing security platforms in the Nordics.
Our mission is to protect organizations against advanced cyber threats by building a cyber defense community powered by you, the security researchers.
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Blue Team
certified Ethical Hacker certification (CEH)

Hunt With Us!

We’re elated to announce the TYR award 2021

The more effectively a hunter contributes to the community, the higher rank they will have based on our gamification and confirmed reports, and the more bounty they will be rewarded. Every year SecureBug presents a Special Award to the individual with the highest points or the highest rank in the crowdsourcing community.

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