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SecureBug AB

SecureBug, Nordic’s Novel Crowdsourced Security Platform

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, SecureBug was founded in 2019 by a group of senior cybersecurity specialists with over two decades of experience under their belt. They had one clear mission; protect organizations against cyberattacks.
SecureBug is the first proactive cybersecurity solution provider in the Scandinavian region, aiming to help bridge the gap in cybersecurity. SecureBug platform is considered the first threat bounty and NextGen PenTest platform.
SecureBug AB has developed a crowdsourced security platform with more than 5,000 bug hunters that is constantly growing. It is a place where your company can invite security researchers to go beyond vulnerability scanners and traditional pen testing to find critical vulnerabilities faster in a No-Cure No-Pay Model before bad guys exploit them.


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