Our crowdsourced Red-Team experts use the same techniques and tools of hackers to measure the effectiveness of your organizing defensive strategy.

We will create a customized offensive program and test your security capabilities against real-world attack scenarios, helping to improve your security posture.

Real World Attack Without Any Harm

Experience A Real World Attack Without Any Harmful Results

Get Secured Against Advance Threats

Get Secured Against Advance Threats Through The Eyes Of An Adversary

Meet Compliance Requirements

Get A Full Detailed Report For Your Security Strength & Weak Points

Red Teaming is an exercise conducted to show how your organization would stand up, through an emulated attack using the same adversarial tools, techniques and procedures (TTP’s).By using SecureBug’s crowdsourced experts you can test the security limits of your organization by simulating  attacks scenario. We use the most successful threat actors techniques in order to improve and enhance your detection and response strategies.

Our Methodology

Redteam process map

There are many benefits to Red Teaming. First, you have a crowdsourced red teamer with tactical experience in challenging the security of your organization at all times… An effective Red Team:

Preparation-This is the phase during which limitations such as the duration, the legal boundaries, and prohibited actions have to be determined.

Reconnaissance- This phase includes an active reconnaissance to gather information about the target organization as well as identifying underlying components such as operating systems, running services, software versions, etc.

Exploitation- Phase which consists in the attempt of breaking in or compromising information assets previously discovered and phish target employees with social engineering techniques.

Post-Exploitation- Deployment of a persistent backdoor or implant in the victim environment to gain access to various systems within an environment. Establishment of a command channel (command & control) to enable our red team to remotely manipulate the victim.

Analysis & Reporting- All findings will be documented and the identified weaknesses will be assessed with recommendations and remediation actions.

Continuous Defensive Improvement Strategies, Against Real-World Attacks

  • Identify alternative outcomes of an action or attack plan
  • Test your security team’s ability to prevent, detect and respond
  • Assess the security of your environment against a realistic attack
  • Identify and mitigate complex security vulnerabilities
  • Know whether your data is at risk and how easily it may be obtained
  • Continuous Defensive Improvement through Adversarial Simulation
Hacker simulator
  • Uncover attack vectors that attackers could exploit
  • Implement an approach for secure embedded data
  • Confidence in the Organization’s Security Posture
  • Tactical recommendations for immediate improvement
  • Test detection and response capabilities
  • Raise the security awareness and show impact

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