We are going to gather thousands of Hunters from every corner of the world to exhibit their skills in Securebug’s CTF.

Hackers who succeed in the first stage on February 15th have a chance of hiring and they will gain, 50 Internal currency SB coin. Every stage with different levels of difficulty and complexity will push the hackers to the limits while raising the excitement of the contest and build up a global ranking with us.

See you on February 15thth



Starts At

Ends At


Max:3 | Team:1

February 15th   11:00 am UTC

February 18th   11:00 am UTC


SecureBug is organizing a new CTF to live some excitement. Enjoy with your friends solving a number of challenges in different categories varying from basic to hard level. This CTF is for Digital Forensics challenges and Web Security to test and enhance your technical skills. It will be in a Jeopardy Style where every team will have a list of challenges. For every challenge solved, the team will get a certain amount of points depending on the difficulty of the challenge.


All talents can participate without any adherence to age, nationality, or major.
Rules concerning the platform are included:
– Sharing the flags between players are not allowed
– Brute Force attacks on the challenges submission portal or challenges links are not allowed.
– Any attack against the site or the hosted servers will be observed and the player will be banned from participating in the CTF immediately.
– Organizer has the permission to disqualify players for any unethical behavior or any trials to interrupt the CTF


1 -A chance of hiring for top Hunters
2 -Share Top 3 Hunter’s profile in the Blog & LinkedIn
3 -50 SB coin for Privilege Rank in the Platform’s Gamification and awards for Top 3 Highest Rank in Securebug’s Platform at the International Computer Security Day, November 30, in Gothenburg, Sweden.


  • Equity in the company for TOP 3 Hunters EVERY YEAR
  • Official Certification as the “Best Hunter of Nordic”
  • Handmade Statues in the shape of TYR (God of War)


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